Our Mission – Giving Back

Deborah’s passion for helping others, first as a nurse and later as a certified herbalist and Jerry’s desire to serve others led them to offer the products in service to others with skin issues. The testimonies over the years have driven them to continue making the products in small batches. They know that producing in handcrafted batches retains the power and integrity of the ingredients in their whole, naturally occurring form.

Every handcrafted batch is prayed over by Jerry, Deborah, and the team to boost its amazing power. Because Deborah and Jerry know the formulas were given to Deborah in a supernatural way, praying over each batch allows the Lord to work His mysteries according to each client’s needs.

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Regenerative Farming

Giving Back

Adopt a School Initiative

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Our ‘Adopt-a-School’ and Freedom Farms Colorado Programs

Adopt-a-School Program

In 2006, Deborah and Jerry were the first in the country to attend Dr. Tony Evans’, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, The National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative. They brought this life-changing, after school program to the at-risk children in their rural, farming community and have continued offering the program. They serve as mentors, and enlist other mentors, to address the specific needs of these beautiful children.

“To Passionately Fire Up Youth by Providing Job Opportunities and Fun Faith Based Programs That Foster Higher Levels of Achieivment and Character.”

Gerry Robert Toczek, Mission Statement

Freedom Farms Colorado

The Toczek’s farm and ranch has been in operation since 1975. Today, it provides the community with food and acts as a farming and ranching teaching model for the children attending the Firehouse Youth Center, church groups and neighboring communities.

The mission is to teach common sense, historically and biblically based farming and ranching techniques fostering more people having food security and access to sustainable, healthy, unadulterated ‘real’ food. We teach being less dependent on packaged, chemically and pesticide laden commercial food that is increasingly vulnerable to food insecurity. (After World War ll, there was increased reliance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, as well as preservatives and chemicals in manufactured food and beauty products.)

Our Freedom Farms Colorado:

  • Planted with rotating cover crops
  • Robust beehives produce a variety of bee products and offer important cross pollination
  • Cows, sheep, goats and chickens openly and freely graze, naturally controlling insects and increasing soil biodiversity
  • Restoring and enriching soil with animal manure (cows, sheep, goats, chickens…)
  • Vigorous aquaponics systems allow all season growing
  • Our gardens produce fruits and vegetables grown from heirloom, Non GMO seeds
  • 10% of our regenerative farm is a forest
  • Kiowa Creek flows through the forest supporting native wildlife and endangered habitats
The Firehouse Youth Center and Freedom Farms Colorado are under the direction of Mr. Stacey and (Mrs.) Rachel Swalley in partnership with Deborah and Jerry.

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