Deborah and Jerry’s story is the story of Moiteur and so much more…

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Spiritual and Supernatural:

Deborah was led to use and formulate with ingredients found in the Bible. These ingredients, in their whole form, in just the right amounts, create products that are truly effective to be Preventative, Restorative and Curative.

Tony Evans - The Urban Alternative


Since 2006, Deborah and Jerry’s after school program has mentored children toward success in business, community farms and ranches, and navigating life’s ups and downs.

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Tony Evans - The Urban Alternative
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What started as a product for her own personal use and her burn patients became a business driven by her innate, deep desire to assist people in their journey to beautiful, healthy skin. Jerry oversees every small batch of handcrafted Moiteur products.


Downloadable Book:

Coming 2024. Deborah and Jerry’s upcoming book details the  supernatural journey of their marriage, developing the Moiteur products, as well as raising their son, Gerry Robert, and recounts the powerful legacy of his short life.

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