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Emily Copeland-Durham is a faithful Moiteur user and demonstrates the easy, ‘How-To’.

The Moiteur products have been developed to be highly effective and easy to use.

Please watch our short Tutorial… Emily: a ‘Hall of Fame Athlete’. At the age of 14, she was the Junior Women’s National /World champion and sponsored athlete. She was a professional wakeboarder for 16 years. Emily is now a wife, mother of two and a fifth-grade elementary school teacher.

Emily Copeland-Durham is a faithful Moiteur user and demonstrates the easy, ‘How-To’.

Will I see results by using only the Everyday Formula?

The Everyday Formula was the first product Deborah developed for her own, long-time skin issue, adult acne, and subsequent scars. The product worked wonders for her, and her overall skin appearance improved in a matter of a couple of months. This product remains our signature product. We suggest applying it twice daily, morning and night, for a continuous 24 hours treatment, to initially realize, and maintain your best skin. The other products were developed later for her burn patients, her clients, and her own needs. The Everyday Formula is a highly effective, bio active, botanical formula and delivers noticeable results. Using the Silver Aloe Spray as a serum/toner and protectant after cleansing with our Glycerin Bar does maximize effectiveness!

Do I need to use the Silver Aloe Spray every time I use the products?

The Silver Aloe Spray was developed specifically to target impurities. Through Deborah’s research and study of natural medicine, she developed a product containing the antibacterial and antiviral properties of colloidal silver in combination with hand fileted aloe (not heat extracted) to work synergistically with the Everyday Formula and our other products.

Can the Silver Aloe Spray be used for other purposes?

Yes! This powerful, topical spray is used by Moiteur as a serum and activator for the products. It is also used as a first aid soother for burns, sunburns, skin irritations, minor cuts, rashes and more.

We have so many testimonials from moms with babies suffering with severe diaper rash who have used the Silver Aloe Spray in combination with the Extra Emollient Formula with great success. This condition can be very serious as it is extremely painful for the child and traumatizing for parents. To treat diaper rash: Clean the area thoroughly. Rinse well. Spray with Silver Aloe Spray and while the skin is still damp, spread a thin layer of Extra Emollient Formula on the affected area. Repeat this at each changing until the condition has cleared. At first sign of recurrence, repeat. This method can also be used as a preventative.

Can I use the Silver Aloe as a Serum?

Yes! When the Silver Aloe Spray was first developed serums, per se, were not in the marketplace, but Deborah specifically developed the Silver Aloe formula to work synergistically with the products to boost their effectiveness. Deborah’s knowledge of the historical efficacy of botanicals and the chemistry of the skin led her to develop this powerful ‘prep/serum’ for the skin.

The Silver Aloe Spray doubles as an amazing toner to nourish, moisturize, and brighten the skin.

I have been using another serum product for some time. Can I continue using that product with the Everyday Formula?

Yes. You will know what is best for your skin once you try the Everyday Formula for a month. If your serum is chemical based, the effectiveness of the Everyday Formula may be diminished. Check your label and then compare with the ingredients in the Silver Aloe Spray formula. You may find that our Silver Aloe Spray is the most effective skin serum and toner!

How do I use the products for Crow’s Feet?

Begin with the Silver Aloe Spray, follow with the Everyday Formula. Finish with a light touch of the Extra Emollient Moisturizer to lock in moisture. This may be the most powerful eye serum available.

Can the products be used on the neck and decolletage areas?

Yes. The products are very effective for these areas. Simply cleanse, spray with Silver Aloe, and apply the Everyday Formula twice a day to the neck and decolletage!

“I love using Moiteur products along with micro needling!  Soothing Silver Aloe Spray works great as a disinfectant before I begin. The Everyday Moisturizer is excellent to use while micro needling and afterwards as my skin recovers!  I feel like the products increase the benefits as they go extra deep into my skin, healing past damage. I also use the Everyday Moisturizer every day. After continual use, I can see my sun damaged skin healing and improving!”

Tammie H, Riverton, Wyoming


How do I use the products for the 28 Day Rejuvenation Program?

The beauty of this program is that it is quick and easy but has been shown to be so effective over the years from the testimonies of hundreds of testimonies from the thousands of products sold to loyal Moiteur users.

Do this twice a day for maximum effectiveness:

  • Cleanse with our Glycerin Soap. Rinse very well. Pat dry. (For those who cleanse only once a day or do not use cleanser, rinse the face and neck with warm water twice a day.)
  • Spray a small amount of Silver Aloe Spray on the face and neck.
  • While the face is still moist with the Silver Aloe Spray solution, use clean hands and touch the Everyday Formula (or Occasional Formula) with the three middle fingers of both or one hand. (These fingers offer just the right amount of light pressure for the face.)
  • There is a short window of time to apply the Everyday Formula (or other Moiteur formula) while the face is damp with Silver Aloe. This method locks in the powerful Silver Aloe ingredients and the two formulas used together create a powerful, synergic effect. You will see a reflective, healthy cast to your skin when using this method! 
  • Apply the product in small circles to the face and neck. Finish with pressing the product into the skin.
  • For your nighttime routine, apply the Extra Emollient Formula (by touching the product lightly) and applying it to the skin at the corners of the eyes and around the lips. Finish by lightly pressing the product into the skin.
  • Note: Using the Silver Aloe Spray as a Serum and then applying your desired Formula while the skin is still moist, allows for the amazing qualities of each ingredient to work synergistically for maximum effectiveness.
  • The products will absorb quickly if too much has not been applied. The Everyday Formula should last 2-3 months, and the Occasional Formula should last 3-6 months. This gives you an idea of how little is needed to be effective.
  • Apply makeup, if desired once the product has absorbed into the skin.

Can I use a Derma Microneedle roller with the Everyday Formula?

Many Moiteur users report success using a roller 1-2 times a week or a few days before photos or a big event. Although a roller is not a necessary addition, you can use the Everyday Formula after using a roller. Be sure to clean the roller each time you use it. The Silver Aloe Spray can be used to further clean the roller after cleaning it as directed.

For the best results, should I use the Everyday Formula once or twice a day?

Deborah developed the product to be most effective when used with the Silver Aloe Spray twice a day, morning, and night. This way, the expert formulation of comfrey and chlorella maximizes and supports skin cell regeneration. These ingredients have been used (and historically proven for efficacy) for thousands of years for skin renewal.  

I have been using the Occasional Formula for adult acne. Should I continue using it every day even after the acne clears up?

Deborah suggests using the Glycerin Bar to cleanse, then spray a small amount of Silver Aloe Spray on the face. While the skin is damp, apply a very thin layer of the Occasional Formula all over the face. Continue this method twice a day until the condition clears. Deborah has identified that bacteria and viruses are embedded in the whole face yet surfaces in ‘spots’. By treating the entire face, you will be targeting the source of the problem.

Then switch to the Everyday Formula only using the Occasional Formula for spot treatment, as needed. The Glycerin Bar and Silver Aloe Spray will be the two constant, base products to use as you transition from the Occasional to Everyday Formula.   

Note: It is best to dry your hair AFTER the Moiteur products have been applied. The dry air from hair drying damages delicate facial skin.

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